Membrane nitrogen generator


Using  compressed air as raw material, compressed air is forced into a vessel containing a hollow tube in the middle surrounded by a polymeric hollow fiber. These hollow fibers selectively permeate oxygen, water vapor, and other impurities out of its side walls, allowing Nitrogen to flow through its center and emerge as product.

Product Details

  • Technical parameters

    Nitrogen flow : 5-6000Nm3/hr 

    Nitrogen purity : 95%-99.99% 

    Nitrogen pressure : 5-300 bar(G)

    Notes : Membrane Nitrogen system can be installed on one skid or containerized , any other requirements are welcome to customize . 

  • Salient Features

    ● Proven technology

    ● Small size, movable

    ● Cost-effective

    ● Easy to handle and maintain

    ● Versatile process control



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