The role of nitrogen as a protective gas in beer production


Whereas nitrogen, the predominantly inert gas in nature, can completely replace the role of CO2as a protective gas in beer production (with the exception of filling the liquor with CO2), the overall investment, low cost per volume of nitrogen for PSA-N2 equipment is unmatched by CO2 recovery units. Likewise, nitrogen, as nature's predominantly inert gas, is even more important to the quality of beer than sterile compressed air.

Nitrogen and the preservation of beer, wine and juice drinks
General information: Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, chemically inactive and inert gas that accounts for 79% of the Earth's atmosphere.
The use of nitrogen for the preservation of beer, wine and juice drinks is a common understanding that manufacturers of these products are currently facing. It allows the purification of such products to remain more original, with a longer shelf life, more suitable for the taste of modern consumers.
Comparison of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
At present, there are many domestic beer, wine and juice beverage manufacturers are also using carbon dioxide as a fresh gas, and after the introduction of nitrogen fresh gas preservation process, compared with carbon dioxide, many advantages are significantly outstanding.

1.Low operating costs, no price for raw materials, using air as raw material and using the variable pressure adsorption method to separate nitrogen from air, the relative investment is much less than carbon dioxide.
2. the gas production speed is fast, with the opening and use, 20 minutes before use, the machine can produce qualified gas.
3.High degree of automation, using Siemens computer programmed control, no need for special supervision, and small footprint. investment, easy maintenance.

In the above summary, the common problem to improve the current level of quality of beer and wine is to improve their flavor stability. The main difference between the intrinsic quality of current products and foreign brand name products is: high oxygen content, easy oxidation during storage, loss of freshness, aging taste. Beer, grapes sprinkled through oxygen fermentation, the canning process, oxygen becomes their harmful substances, is the source of many problems such as "aging taste" and "sediment". Many domestic and foreign beer and wine manufacturers who have put on nitrogen gas equipment are based on nitrogen exhaust oxygen, that is, after fermentation, the use of nitrogen with a purity of more than 98%, as the filtration, transport, clearing back pressure, cans and other processes in the production of gas, effectively avoiding the danger of oxygen, which is an important link to improve the quality of beer and wine.


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