Advantages of using nitrogen in reflow welding


With the continuous development of electronic production, assembly density continues to improve, the emergence of fine pitch assembly technology, in order to improve the quality and yield of reflow soldering, the production of nitrogen-filled reflow soldering process and equipment, so what are the advantages of oxygen reflow soldering, the following you share. 

(1) Prevention of reduced oxidation 

(2) Increase weld wetting force and speed up wetting 

(3) Reduce the production of tin balls, avoid bridging and obtain better welding quality 

For the introduction of nitrogen in reflow soldering, a cost-benefit analysis must be performed. The benefits include product yield, quality improvement, rework or maintenance cost reduction, etc. A complete analysis will often reveal that the introduction of nitrogen does not increase the final cost, but rather, we benefit from it. 

It is especially important to get better solder quality, you can use less reactive flux solder paste, and also improve the performance of the solder joints and reduce the discoloration of the substrate, but it has the disadvantage of a significant increase in cost, this increased cost increases with the amount of nitrogen, when you need to reach 1000 ppm oxygen content in the furnace and 50 ppm oxygen content, the need for nitrogen is a world of difference. Today's solder paste manufacturers are working to develop no-clean solder pastes that can be soldered well in a high oxygen content atmosphere, thus reducing nitrogen consumption. By taking advantage of the principle that the hot nitrogen layer is lighter than air and not easy to mix, the furnace is designed so that the heating chamber is higher than the inlet and outlet, thus forming a natural nitrogen layer in the heating chamber, reducing the amount of nitrogen compensation and maintaining the required purity.


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